Tropical Disco Media is a boutique marketing + communications agency servicing brands in the hospitality, music and art, wellness and lifestyle spaces. 

The word ‘tropical’ carries with it a sense of postcard escapism, colorful whimsy and seamless ease. With deep roots in Miami Beach hospitality and events, this is the burst of energy we deliver to our clients. 

Disco brought unapologetic individuality, liberation, and freedom of expression to the forefront. We think marketing should be fun. It’s our retro touch of playfulness, curiosity, and daringness to stand out that elevates your brand with authentic storytelling. The result? Campaigns that foster real connection and get people talking.

With over a decade of experience crafting stories and branded moments for luxury hotels & resorts, music festivals, Grammy-award winning musicians, leading CPG companies, multidisciplinary artists, top fashion houses, and restaurants & spas, I’ve spent my career building memorable and meaningful brand journeys, holding both in- house marketing director positions and boutique PR agency roles.

Always on the pulse of what’s current, I am passionate about bringing creative voices to life through experiences, ambassadors, events, and creative content – while strengthening brand affinity and driving cultural impact. As a music fiend, yogi, adventurer and supporter of the arts, I love cultivating new connections in the cultural, wellness, lifestyle and entertainment landscapes — to identify where and how my clients can reach new audiences, enhance their offerings, and align themselves more closely with their brand ethos through winning collaborations.

Where you’ll find me: Working on high visibility projects by bringing all the pieces together. Tapping and working alongside other creatives – videographers, photographers, artists, graphic designers, musicians, yoga teachers, wellness leaders, art organizations, and unexpected brand partners. Finding and securing the next BIG IDEA and translating to PR coverage and amazing assets for my clients, while having fun along the way.

Julia Cavalieri


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